Say what baby

In times when we know more emojis than words and we take more photos than at least write a letter now and then, a message that comes from the heart is really worth something.

Regardless of whether loving and honest words are only written on a post-it, or you chisel your messages of love, news or wisdom in stone, gold or silver:

The main thing is to say what you want to say

Armreif aus Silber mit Gravur | Männerarmreif | Silberarmband | Gravur | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

 The BUSTER bracelets by CAPULET are particularly suitable for being aware of meaningful words again and again. 

Because every BUSTER bangle is forged by hand from solid, pure 925 sterling silver and individually engraved letter by letter. 

Silber Armreif mit Gravur | Silberarmband | Männerschmuck | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München


Incidentally, it is always the right time to say what you think: Always!

Of course, what counts is to think a little beforehand about what you want to say and what is important to you, to sleep over it for a night and then to talk to your favorite person. If it comes out with a declaration of love: all the better!

Silber Armreif mit Gravur | Silberarmband | Geschenkidee Weihnachten| Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

Experience shows that we can tell you: it's always better to talk. To communicate and to explain yourself now and then. Nobody is in the other's head. So talk to each other. And if the message is wonderful: write it down for you. Or you let them forge unforgettable into a piece of jewelry, then nobody forgets what is really important.

Armreif mit eigener Gravur | Silberarmband | Herrenschmuck | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

An individual set of a personal message, forged in solid silver or gold is a wonderful gift. Of course also for the masters of creation. Because the Buster bracelets from CAPULET jewelry are just as suitable as men's jewelry and ideal as a men's bracelet or bracelet.

The hammered look of the silver bangle with the dark oxidation is the perfect jewelry for men. With your own engraving, it is also a wonderful individual gift for the man - and of course for yourself

Silberarmreif mit eigener Gravur | Armreif aus Silber | Herrenschmuck | CAPULET Schmuck Werkstatt München

and if you have a little more to say, you can simply combine different bracelets with engraving. As an arm party with a wild mix of silver chains and individual bracelets, your own favorite songs and custom engravings are always best