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Silver & gold jewelry


Your silver jewelry is tarnished, right Is your gold jewelry dark in color?

Does your jewelry no longer look beautiful?

No problem! We have put together a list of tools, tips and hacks for jewelry cleaning and care .

Jewelry care & jewelry cleaning
CAPULET Cleaning Kit

We have our own care set for cleaning gold and silver jewelry.

With cleaning spray, care brush and universal cleaning cloth.

Clean heavily tarnished jewelry with a brass brush

If you don't wear jewelry for a long time, silver jewelry turns dark and the jewelry tarnishes.

This is a completely natural oxidation process that can be quickly remedied.


Tips for cleaning dark-colored jewelry

▫️ Clean the jewelry with a special brass brush

▫️The brass brush cleans the piece of jewelry and removes discoloration without scratching the piece of jewelry (like a toothbrush)

▫️ In addition, the bristles are designed to compensate for small scratches and “press them in” again.

▫️ Rub the piece of jewelry vigorously with simple dishwashing liquid and water and then brush it firmly with the brass brush under lukewarm water

▫️ Rinse well and, above all, rub completely dry with a towel.

▫️ You can find the special brass brush for perfect jewelry cleaning here

The best tool for jewelry
The professional brass brush

The professional brass brush is best suited to removing stubborn discoloration on silver jewelry