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      Name chain

      Silver chain & gold chain with ENGRAVING 

      Silver chain or gold chain with your own engraving. The COIN necklace from Capulet Schmuck is a very special piece of jewelry, because each massive silver chain & gold chain  has its own engraving. The chain with a coin-shaped pendant is hand-forged in the Munich goldsmiths. The coin chain is available in sterling silver, gold and rose gold. Also as Men's chain Ideally suited with engraving, especially as a cool silver chain or Gold chain for men. Capulet only uses conflict-free and fair gold for the gold chains and sustainably sourced sterling silver for the silver chains. Sustainable, ecologically fair jewelry and individual design are the hallmarks of the Capulet jewelry workshop in Munich. The precious metals such as gold, white gold and rose gold are forged for the coin chains and every piece by Capulet exclusively with a verifiable certificate of the origin of the conflict-free gold.  

      Capulet jewelry only uses fair and conflict-free gold and silver. Proven to be recycled 

      Necklace made of silver & gold

      Gold chain & silver chain from the CAPULET jewelry workshop in Munich

      Each piece of jewelry in silver & gold is unique, lovingly forged in the Capulet goldsmiths in Munich. Each piece of jewelry is hammered by hand. Each piece of jewelry has its own engraving to make it perfect. The coin chain in silver and gold in particular needs the favorite quote or song title as its own engraving. A gold chain with engraving or a hammered silver chain always fit as a stylish accessory.

      The desired text on the coin pendant is hammered by hand with old letter stamps in the Capulet jewelry workshop in Munich. Each necklace with a coin is an individual, personalized piece. The coin chain is also perfect as a men's chain and as an individual gift for women.

      Name necklace as a gift

      Engraved coin chain as a gift idea

      A necklace with a coin pendant is the perfect piece of jewelry for every day and, as a lucky charm, the best companion for every outfit. After all, a necklace should go best with every style and outfit, whether simple, elegant or rocky - the COIN necklace from Capulet always goes great with every look thanks to the coin pendant. 

      If you are looking for an individual gift and perhaps have no idea for the perfect unique and personal gift, the coin necklace and name necklace from Capulet are spot on. Because nothing makes a gift more valuable than your own creative idea for personalization. 

      Silver chain & gold chain for men

      Also as Jewelry for men The sterling coin chain is just the right thing as a men's jewelry. Because a men's chain should deliberately be massive and rough, hand-forged and with a striking pendant. The men's necklace with engraving is a great accessory to put the men's outfit in the limelight. The silver chain in vintage style with coin goes well with casual outfits such as a suit. Of course, men are also allowed to wear the gold coin chain. The gold chains on a man are a classic and long-running and also go perfectly with stylish men's looks in summer.