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      Solid silver chains & heavy gold chains in eccentric shapes

      Heavy statement jewelry in gold & silver

      Gold chain & silver chain made of fair gold

      Looking for special jewelry and exceptional pieces of jewelry?

      Solid statement rings and statement necklaces made from pure sterling silver and sustainable fair gold and rose gold. Each heavy and eye-catching silver ring and gold ring or solid necklace made of pure and sustainable sterling silver is also gold plated with 18 carat gold or rose gold in our in-house electroplating.

      Gold bracelet & silver bracelet made of fair gold & silver

      The heavy bracelets with a crocodile or the solid silver bracelet in the shape of a rhinoceros are also perfect as heavy men's jewelry. A bracelet for men should be particularly eye-catching and solid, made of pure silver and darkly oxidized. Hammered jewelry in animal shape .

      Handmade jewelry from the CAPULET jewelry workshop in Munich

      Eye-catching luxury jewelry design unique pieces from the CAPULET goldsmith workshop in Munich. Solid bracelets made of gold & silver, individual statement rings & eye-catching heavy gold chains - also perfect as silver chains and men's jewelry.

      The solid silver necklaces in particular are perfect as men's necklaces. A necklace with a crocodile or seahorse is the perfect piece of jewelry for good luck. Designer jewelry made of silver and gold is always the best gift idea.

      Above all, a bracelet as a lucky charm or a necklace with a lucky charm and a special chain pendant are a special gift idea.