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Each ring is a handmade unique piece

We forge your perfect wedding rings and wedding rings.


▫️Rings made of pure gold & silver

▫️With your own engraving

▫️sustainable & fair

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Gold ring & silver ring
Gold wedding rings

We make your perfect special wedding rings exactly according to your wishes.

No two couples are the same, which is why we forge your individual wedding rings by hand just for you in the CAPULET jewelry workshop in Munich.

With your own engraving made of pure gold & silver.

We forge every wedding ring in pure 585 & 750 gold or 925 sterling silver

Every ring also has a diamond

We would be happy to forge you the perfect wedding ring and engagement ring with diamonds and brilliants in your desired size.


We only use brilliant-cut diamonds of the highest degree of purity.

Contact us if you have any questions!

CAPULET jewelry workshop Munich
Every ring is unique

Each wedding ring is 100% handmade and unique.

We only use fair & sustainable gold and silver.

Certified according to RJC.

Feel free to visit us at the Munich Goldsmiths.

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Wedding rings and engagement rings – unforgettable symbols at CAPULET Jewelry

Ring with engraving - gold ring & silver ring

Welcome to the CAPULET jewelry workshop in Munich, the place where unforgettable moments begin with exquisite wedding rings and engagement rings. Our wedding rings and engagement rings offer an extensive selection of high-quality rings made from sustainable gold and silver, which impress with their unique design, perfect craftsmanship and sustainable materials.

Our selection of wedding rings and engagement rings:

Special engagement rings with stone

Each stone engagement ring from CAPULET Jewerly tells a story, sealed with a sparkling diamond or gemstone. A LOVEMENT gold engagement ring is the perfect individual and special engagement ring. We are also happy to advise you on an engagement ring in Munich in our on-site studio.

Special and individual wedding rings

Solid wedding rings made of gold, white gold and silver represent the union of two souls. Handcrafted from real 585 and 750 gold, white gold and rose gold as well as 925 sterling silver, they are not only a symbol of love, but also a homage to the high-quality craftsmanship of our CAPULET goldsmiths.

Rings with your own engraving

At CAPULET Jewelry we give your rings a personal touch. A ring with your own engraving makes every ring unique and emphasizes your love and commitment in a unique way. A ring with engraving is special as a men's ring and a stylish jewelry highlight for men. Men prefer a heavy gold ring for men or a solid silver ring for men.

Sustainable rings and wedding band

Our wedding rings and engagement rings are handcrafted with the utmost dedication and care. Each piece is solid, durable and waterproof. There are sustainable values ​​behind every ring - from the use of certified precious metals to environmentally friendly packaging. We only use sustainable gold. Certified according to RJC.

Special wedding rings and wedding rings from Munich

Our rings are not just pieces of jewelry, but symbols of love, togetherness and character. Each ring is made by hand and has an individual engraving. Our ecologically fair packaging is lovingly designed by hand.

individual rings and jewelry design

Our collection is aimed at couples who are looking for something special - be it for their engagement or the vows. Our rings are for those who value quality, uniqueness and sustainability, and who recognize a personal story in their piece of jewelry.

Your symbol of love at CAPULET Jewelry:

Discover the world of wedding rings and engagement rings at and find your perfect symbol of love. Our jewelry tells stories that last a lifetime. 💍🌟