Earrings are the fashion trend of the year. Whether as small mini loops or eye-catching statement earring: earrings are always an eye catcher in the fashion scene. In the CAPULET jewelry workshop in Munich, each earring is individually hand-forged in silver and gold.

        Eye-catching earrings are perfect for any season. Gold earrings and special ear clips add individual accents to the look. Each earring is individually handcrafted in the CAPULET workshop in Munich. A modern earcuff sets the highlights that a really cool outfit sometimes still needs. Because the trend of ear piercings and ear clips will definitely remain. So it's best to get a stylish earring from Capulet in Munich. Incidentally, earrings made of silver and gold are not only stylish eye-catchers as ear clips, but also perfect as a personalized gift. Because small gifts maintain friendship. And an earring or an ear clip can be put on perfectly yourself and you don't have to solve a complicated question about the right size.