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      Special engagement rings with stone

      An engagement ring is the most important piece of jewelry there is worldwide. The giving of a very special engagement ring has a very long tradition that goes back to ancient times. At that time still a sign that the bride received the dowry, the engagement ring developed into the unique romantic symbol we know today.

      The engagement ring doesn't just stand for that Marriage vows, he also symbolizes Dedication and commitment towards the partner. A gold engagement ring symbolizes closeness and trust between two lovers. 

      The shape of the engagement ring already indicates the meaning: it is circular - without beginning or end - and thus became universal signs of eternal love and fidelity, Perfection and infinity.

      Historical significance of the engagement ring from ancient times to today

      The Engagement ring meaning has changed and redefined itself again and again in the course of its history from antiquity to today.

      In ancient times it was believed that the ring finger had a direct connection to the heart and therefore put the ring on the loved one's left hand, the side of the heart - as a symbol of eternal love and intimate bond.

      Already in the Middle Ages, women received a ring from their loved one as a promise for marriage - this was actually taken so seriously that women were forbidden to put on a ring just for fun.

      Engagement ring for man

      The so-called twin rings came up later. A pair of rings that can be worn together. The man wore his ring until the wedding, then it was given to the woman, who has wore it as a wedding ring ever since.

      Today an engagement ring is an integral part of the official announcement of a wedding and marriage. In Germany, traditionally only women wear an engagement ring. The man is usually the one who selects and buys the ring. Therefore the engagement ring should be a really unique piece of jewelry for life.


      In Germany, the bride in Spe wears her engagement ring from engagement to wedding on the ring finger of the left hand. This rule has its origin in ancient tradition, in which the vein of love should lead from the left hand directly to the heart.

      After the wedding, the engagement ring loses its purpose as a Promise of love, but can of course still be worn.


      The new wife has a choice here. Either the engagement ring is still worn on the left ring finger or it changes as a stacking ring before the wedding ring on the right hand. 

      The tradition of the engagement ring

      Individuality. Meaning. value

      While in other countries the value of the engagement ring depends, for example, on the man's income, in Germany more emphasis is placed on the woman's liking the ring. 

      Cost of an engagement ring

      In Germany, the rule is that the engagement ring should cost about three months' salary for the man. We don't think much of it. At the CAPULET jewelry workshop in Munich, we specialize in engagement rings and wedding rings and it is more important to us that the Quality of the engagement ring Convinced in gold and the wedding rings will bring joy for a lifetime. 

      Of course, the choice of material and the size of the diamond also play an important role in Germany, but for most women, individuality and the style of the engagement ring are the most important factors.

      The traditional meaning of the ring is particularly important to most of the women who wear it - she wears it as a Symbol of undying love and loyalty to her partner. But of course the engagement ring should also be a visual highlight.


      Engagement rings - what's the trend?

      In general, a special engagement ring is still in vogue. In most strata, this tradition is still quite young. In the past, the custom of handing over engagement rings was reserved for aristocrats willing to marry and rich citizens of the upper social classes. A precious metal and diamond engagement ring was simply too expensive for ordinary people.

      With the economic boom in the 1950s, salaries rose and more and more men were able to give their loved one a precious ring for engagement. The ritual of the upper class has become such an engagement ring tradition for everyone. Since the seventies, the number of couples in which at least one of the two partners wears an engagement ring has risen continuously.

      It has remained unbroken to this day Engagement rings trend in which the man surprises his partner to propose. It used to be quite common for men to wear an engagement ring too. Today more than 90% of their loved ones give a ring for engagement, but only get a ring, mostly made of gold, for the wedding.

      Numerous celebrity couples with opulent rings and unusual engagement events ensure that the romantic tradition does not fall into oblivion so quickly. Thanks to Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter & Co in particular, we are confronted with exciting engagement ring surprises every day and we follow them every day. 

      Engagement rings from CAPULET Jewelry

      With the new engagement ring collection, Capulet is setting a completely new, glamorous milestone in terms of engagement rings and wedding rings.

      The CAPULET jewelry workshop in Munich specializes in engagement rings made of gold and silver with diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds. Of course, the goldsmith CAPULET also attaches great importance to wedding rings in gold and wedding rings with engraving.

      Because Capulet chooses on the one hand classic components with precious metals from gold and white gold and of course brilliants and diamonds. But in a very unique style. An engagement ring from the Capulet jewelry workshop in Munich is individually forged and hammered by hand. Each diamond is selected in an extensive search and finally set by hand. Capulet primarily uses 585 Capulet gold for the engagement rings in combination with peach colored diamonds. The gemstones are brilliant cut or faceted rough diamonds. Capulet gold is a particularly cool and unique gold tone, which is in color between light yellow gold and even before rose gold. 

      CAPULET Jewelry only uses fair and sustainable gold.