Your piece of jewelry with your own engraving

Every piece of jewelery from CAPULET is a handcrafted one-off piece. Each piece is cast, forged and shod by hand in our factory. 

CAPULET JEWELRY Schmuck mit eigener Gravur in Silber & Gold

The CAPULET goldsmiths in Munich produce exclusively individual pieces.

Most pieces of jewelry are ideal for your own custom engraving. In particular our name chains like the COIN COLLECTION or the square amulets CREEDS and of course our favorites too: the jewelry with a heart from the HEARTCORE COLLECTION

Namenskette |Silberkette | Kette mit Gravur | CAPULET Schmuck Werkstatt München
CAPULET Schmuck Werkstatt München | Goldschmiede | personalisierter Schmuck

 Wedding rings with engraving

The CAPULET goldsmith workshop in Munich specializes in special Wedding rings with engraving. We forge your wedding rings & partner rings completely according to your own wishes. We are also the experts in Munich for engagement rings with stones. We are specialists in things Engraving in Munich, especially when engraving on rings, key rings & chains. 

Eheringe mit Gravur | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

We hand-mark your desired engraving on the outside of your wedding rings. If you also have a Inside engraving on the rings we have an engraver who makes your engraving wishes possible.

Gravur München | Ringe & Schlüsselanhänger mit Gravur | CAPULET Schmuck Werkstatt München


Gold bracelet &  Silver bracelet with engraving

Our silver bracelets and gold bracelets are also perfect for a piece of jewelery with your own engraving BUSTERS. The solid silver bracelets are forged by hand and have your own custom engraving. 

A silver bangle or gold bracelet with your own engraving is also the perfect birthday present. Personalized with the engraving, it guarantees lifelong joy. 

Goldarmband | Silberarmreif mit Gravur | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München


CAPULET jewelry in GOLD

We forge every piece of jewelery from our collection according to your ideas and in the material as you wish. CAPULET uses only fair & conflict-free gold & silver. 

Goldkette | Silberkette | Damenkette | CAPULET Schmuck Werkstatt München

Gold plating with 18 carat gold

For those who don't want to do without gold, but may not be able to afford real gold: we gild every piece of jewelry in sterling silver with high-quality 18-carat gold plating.

Yellow gold, capulet gold & rose gold.

CAPULET Schmuck | Gold Gelbgold Rosegold


Highlight: CAPULETgold

Capulet gold is its own unique gold tone, which Capulet developed himself. Particularly cool, discreet & elegant. In terms of color between light yellow gold and before rose gold. Capuletgold is only available from CAPULET Jewelry in Munich. Incidentally, also the perfect gold for men's jewelry.


Every piece from Capulet is also in pure gold possible. We use 585 gold and 750 gold. White gold, yellow gold, capulet gold & rose gold. 

CAPULET Schmuck Werkstatt München | Goldschmiede | personalisierter Schmuck | Eheringe mit Gravur


We are happy to make wedding rings with your desired engraving in solid gold. Just write an email to for the price request, we will calculate this for you according to the respective gold daily rate. 

CAPULET Jewelry - Schmuck Werkstatt München

We are happy to forge your very own unique piece.
Your own engraving is of course free of charge.
We look forward to your suggestions, ideas and engravings!
CAPULET Jewelry. Made with a whole lotta love



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