Here you can get tips & tricks for the right ring size

The top 3 for measuring the correct ring size

Left or right handed

The left and right hands are usually different. Also measure the circumference exactly on the finger on which the ring will later be worn

Time of day & temperature

Test your ring size over several days, as your fingers can change their size over the course of the day and also due to heat. For this reason, we recommend measuring your ring size in the afternoon or evening

Ring shape

If the ring is not round or has a crazy shape, we will calculate the size - just order the correctly measured size and we will take care of everything.

Our tip
Have the ring size measured

It is best if YOU have your ring sizes measured briefly. Any jeweler or jewelry store can do this quickly and free of charge.

Average ring size is 54

The average ring size for women is size 54 on the ring finger and size 58 on the middle finger

The average ring size for men is size 59 on the ring finger and size 63 on the middle finger

Special services
Ring game from us to you

Do you want to be sure that you specify the correct ring size?

Order our CAPULET RING GAME and try out the sizes.

die richtige Ringgrösse | Ring Änderung | CAPULET Schmuck Werkstatt München


Change ring size

Your ring is the wrong size? We change your ring to silver & gold. Unfortunately, gold-plated rings cannot be changed afterwards

Ring size change

HOW DO I FIND OUT THE RIGHT bracelet size?

Here you can get tips and tricks for choosing the right bracelet size

Measure bracelet length

Measure bracelet length

1. Take a measuring tape and place it around your wrist in the thickest part, which is usually the bone.

2. The tape measure should fit snugly but not cut into it.

3. Add approx. 2cm to the measured value of your arm circumference.

4. The measured value PLUS 2cm is your final length. Please order these.

Example : Your arm circumference is 16cm. Then you order 18cm

A little tip about bracelet size

For BRACELETS and wide BRACELETS we recommend an addition of 2cm plus the measured value

For delicate BRACELETS an addition of 1.5cm

MEASURE BRACELET SIZE Without a tape measure

If you don't have a tape measure available, simply take a piece of string, ribbon or paper and wrap it around your hand like a tape measure.

Mark the spot and simply measure the length in cm with a ruler .

By the way, your iPhone has a ruler saved under “RULER”.

How do I find out the correct chain length?

Recommendations for the perfect chain length

Overview of chain lengths

Our bust provides a good overview of the chain lengths.

We recommend the average lengths of 50cm and 80cm.

As a chain length for men, 80cm is usually ideal.

For the delicate pieces in our MINI collection, we usually use a short necklace chain length of 42cm

The best lengths

are 50cm and 80cm.

50cm underlines the face.

80cm forms a perfect figure.

The most beautiful chains

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Kugelkette 4mm | Silberkette | Kette mit Gravur |CAPULET Schmuck Werkstatt München
Kugelkette 4mm | Silberkette | Kette mit Gravur |CAPULET Schmuck Werkstatt München
BULLET ball chain 4mm - chain with engraving
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