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      Individual wedding rings made of gold and silver - Finally cool wedding rings for men

      Massive hammered rings made of gold and silver - each wedding ring is engraved. Each of the personalized wedding rings are forged by hand in the Capulet jewelry workshop in Munich. Because the wedding ring is the most important element before an upcoming wedding. A wedding ring with its own engraving is the perfect piece of jewelry to bind yourself forever. As a gold ring with engraving, also great as a men's ring. A wedding ring for the man who is unique and yet cool is more of a rarity.

      Individual wedding rings

      The individual wedding rings from CAPULET Schmuck are the perfect rings for everyone who is looking for special wedding rings. The hand-forged rings are eye-catching partner rings made of solid sterling silver or 585 gold or 750 gold. Wedding rings for men are especially popular. Because wedding rings for men are often inconspicuous and a little boring. In the CAPULET jewelry workshop in Munich, every solid gold and silver ring is forged and hammered by hand. Hammered wedding rings made of gold and silver are something very special.

      Capulet Jewelry only uses sustainable, fair and ecologically valuable gold. Every piece is certified according to RJC (Responsible Jewelery Council). Sustainable precious metals and fairly mined material is a quality feature for the CAPULET jewelry workshop in Munich. 

      Wedding rings for women and men

      Gold rings for men are particularly popular when it comes to sustainable jewelry. Wedding rings for men are particularly popular in white gold and light yellow gold. Men's rings at Capulet Jewelry also have their own engraving. We like to forge the ring for men from 750 white gold with a high percentage of palladium, so that the wedding ring for men is darker and less noticeable for everyday use.

      Which hand do you wear the wedding ring on?

      We are also happy to clarify the popular question in our exclusive HOUSE OF CAPULET store in Munich: "Where do you wear the wedding ring?" Because whoever finds the wedding ring, and of course the engagement ring, should be carefully considered before buying the rings. The right ring size is decisive for a valuable gold ring or a silver wedding ring.

      Find the right ring size for the wedding ring

      We are happy to explain how to measure the correct ring size in our Size manager. Please make sure to set the printer to 100% for the correct ring size. For everyone who is looking for a special wedding ring or engagement ring and is near Munich:

      like to visit us at the House of Capulet in downtown Munich. Here we show you different models of wedding rings and wedding rings in gold, white gold and rose gold. We would also be happy to show you cheap wedding rings made of sterling silver.

      The own engraving on each wedding ring is a service at CAPULET Jewelry