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      Zodiac chain made of gold & silver

      The zodiac chain from Capulet jewelry is a very special piece of jewelry, because every zodiac pendant is a handmade piece of jewelry from the Capulet jewelry workshop in Munich.

      Zodiac chain also available as a gold chain

      The zodiac chain is available in sterling silver, gold and rose gold. Capulet only uses conflict-free and fair gold for the gold chains and sustainably sourced sterling silver for the silver chains. Sustainable, ecologically fair jewelry and individual design are the hallmarks of the Munich workshop CAPULET  

      The precious metals such as gold, white gold and rose gold are forged for the eye-catching necklaces and every piece by Capulet exclusively with a verifiable certificate of the origin of the conflict-free gold.  

      Zodiac sign chain: Each piece is a handmade unique piece

      Each piece of jewelry in silver & gold is unique, lovingly implemented by the Munich goldsmiths. The silver chains are carefully oxidized, brushed and polished by hand.

      Zodiac chain as a special gift

      Each necklace with a zodiac sign is an individual, personalized piece. The coin chain is also perfect as a men's chain and as an individual gift. As a gift for a birthday, Valentine's Day or as a Birth gift the lucky charm is perfect.

      Lucky charm gift

      A chain with a zodiac pendant is the perfect piece of jewelry for every day and as a lucky charm the best companion for every outfit. After all, a necklace should go best with every style and outfit, whether simple, elegant or rocky - the zodiac sign necklace from Capulet always goes great with every look thanks to its eye-catching 3D shape. 

      Who is looking for an individual gift and maybe no idea for the perfect one unique and personal gift is spot on with the Capulet zodiac chain. Because nothing makes a gift more valuable than your own creative idea for personalization. 

      Star sign chain as men's jewelry & chain for men

      The zodiac chain made of silver is also used as jewelry for men Men's jewelry precisely. Because a men's chain should be consciously massive and rough, hand-forged and with a striking pendant. The men's chain is a great accessory to put the men's outfit in the limelight. The silver chain in vintage style with zodiac signs goes well with casual outfits such as a suit.