CAPULET competition

CAPULET competition

Conditions of participation

As of 22.11.2023

The organizer of the competition is: CAPULET Jewelry, Nina Heyd, Zieblandstrasse 19, 80799 Munich, e-mail, hereinafter referred to as "CAPULET".

These CAPULET Competition Terms and Conditions of Participation apply to all competitions offered by the organizer - for example via the Instagram and Facebook platforms or the Internet - via a competition page and in which these Terms and Conditions of Participation are included.

Participation in any competition in which the terms and conditions of participation are included requires the participant's consent to the inclusion of the terms and conditions of participation, which the participant generally declares by participating in the competition.

CAPULET is entitled to exclude the participant from the competition in the event of a breach of the conditions of participation.


  1. Conditions of participation

Only natural persons of legal age who are permanently resident in Germany, Austria or Switzerland may take part in a CAPULET competition. Employees of CAPULET and their relatives are not eligible to participate. Sweepstakes clubs and automated sweepstakes services are also not eligible to participate. The chances of winning are not increased by multiple registrations, see section 2.

  1. Exclusion from participation

The participant data will be filtered. If participants have registered more than once, they will be excluded from the competition. This also applies if participants make use of other unauthorized aids or have otherwise gained or wish to gain an advantage through manipulation. The prize may then be disallowed and reclaimed. If a participant provides false information about him or herself, he or she will be excluded.

  1. How can you win?

Eligible participants can take part in the competition free of charge, there is no obligation to purchase. The competition is subject to the rules of participation set out on the respective competition page (e.g. CAPULET's Instagram page). As a rule, participation requires liking, commenting, following or sharing the competition caption.

The competition can only be entered via the respective competition page; posts or messages sent via other platforms or by email will not be taken into account in the competition.

  1. Duration of the competition, prize draw

Participation in the competition and thus in the prize draw for the advertised prize is possible for the time specified on the competition page. At the end of the competition period, the winner of the competition will be drawn at random within 4 days.

  1. Winning opportunities

The prizes of the respective competition will be listed on the competition page, for example in the Instagram caption. Only the prize (item or service) described on the competition page will be awarded per competition. Participation in the competition is only possible once per participant and only one prize will be given away per competition. The prize will be drawn from among the participants who have provided the information required on the competition page and completed any necessary steps.

  1. Notification of the prize to the winner

CAPULET will inform the winner immediately after the prize draw has been held via the respective platform, for example by Instagram direct message via the Instagram account, that he/she has won the prize offered. This announcement of the winner is made without guarantee.

  1. Handover of the prize

In the prize notification, the winner will be asked to provide CAPULET with a postal address for sending the prize. After receiving this postal address, CAPULET will send the prize to this postal address. CAPULET is not liable for any damage incurred during the subsequent shipment of the prize. The risk of accidental loss of the prize is transferred to the winner when the prize is handed over to the carrier or the service provider commissioned with the shipment. The winner's claim shall lapse if the prize cannot be delivered to the address provided by the winner or if the winner does not inform CAPULET of his/her postal address within 14 days of receiving notification of the prize.

  1. Right to terminate the competition at any time

CAPULET is entitled to terminate the competition at any time if this appears necessary for technical or legal reasons. No reasons need be given for such termination.

  1. Data protection

The data of the persons participating in the competition will be processed by CAPULET exclusively for the purpose of carrying out and processing the respective competition. Data will only be passed on to third parties in the event that

a. prizes are offered by Capulet partners in the competition and the data of the winners are transmitted to these partners for the separate dispatch of the prizes, which is then communicated on the competition page and/or

b. an advertised prize is sent to a winner by Capulet or a Capulet partner via a shipping service provider.

Furthermore, no data will be passed on to third parties, in particular no unauthorized disclosure of data.

In addition, CAPULET's data protection provisions apply, available at

The data protection conditions of the respective platform operator and joint controller on whose platform the competition page is presented and the competition takes place also apply.

For the Facebook and Instagram platforms, this is Facebook Ireland Ltd.


  1. Naming the winners by name

CAPULET may publicly announce the names of the winners who have taken part in a competition as real names and/or Instagram names on the following platforms for a period of 3 weeks after the end of the competition: Instagram, Facebook, CAPULET website.

  1. Final provisions

A prize cannot be exchanged or transferred to a third party, nor can it be paid out in cash. There is no connection between Instagram and the CAPULET competition. In particular, the competition is neither sponsored, supported nor organized by Instagram.

CAPULET is not liable for any form of damage (losses, failures or delays) caused by circumstances for which CAPULET is not responsible.

Should individual provisions of these conditions of participation be invalid, this shall have no effect on the validity of the remaining provisions.