Philosophy & Designer

 What matters most, is how well you walk through the fire "..

..the motto for the young artist Nina Heyd, who not only designs and makes jewelry, but also creates “little treasures” for eternity with CAPULET.

Something precious.

In a double sense. Because Nina forges the perfect individual piece of jewelry for everyone. With hands. Heart. Fire. And flame

CAPULET Jewelry Schmuck Designer Nina Heyd Werkstatt München

Quality & sustainability of CAPULET jewelry

The designer and company owner Nina Heyd and her goldsmith team in four goldsmiths workshops in Munich and Berlin ensure that each customer has their own personalized and perfect piece of jewelry gets.

CAPULET attaches particular importance to the Individuality and personalization of the piece and especially the sustainability. CAPULET exclusively forges handmade unique pieces. 

Every piece is like that unique & individual like its bearer.

"A piece of jewelery from Capulet is not for in between. Capulet makes jewelery for eternity. We only create pieces according to the wishes of our wonderful and mostly very creative customers. Here we are happy to be able to implement idiosyncratic engravings - especially when we hear our customers' stories and together with them to create a jewelry companion for life "

Nina Heyd | Deutsche Designerin | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

Of course, Nina also stands behind the fireplace in the CAPULET workshop in Munich and forges, hammers and stamps the most beautiful pieces of jewelry in the world.

Sustainable & conflict-free gold & silver

Because CAPULET only uses pure & sustainable precious metal, which according to RJC (Responsible Jewelery Council) certified are. Degraded in a socially, ecologically and economically responsible manner, according to the “Code of Conduct” imposed by the Fachverband Edelmetalle e.V.

 (more details can be found here:

More information on the topic FAIR GOLD & SILVER and the answer to the question "Where does the gold come from anyway?" can also be found in our blog post on the topic "sustainable precious metal". and of course the distinction between yellow gold, capulet gold & rose gold.

Schmuck Designer Nina Heyd | CAPULET Werkstatt München | Goldschmiede

Nina's career - a short profile

Nina grows up with two brothers in the tranquil cosmopolitan city of Nuremberg. In 1999 she graduated from high school as the youngest of her class, followed by studies at various universities and completed her double master’s degree in 2005 with honors alongside international stations such as London, Milan and New York.

The lively, only 1.60 m tall Nina loves Literature and stories about everything. No wonder that every CAPULET piece always has a special name or tells its own story.

And especially important in Nina's life: MUSIC

Nina Heyd | Schmuckdesignerin | CAPULET Schmuck München

She likes to stick to Nietzsche's quote 

"Without music, life would be a mistake"

In the Capulet Manufaktur, not a day goes by without the great singer & songwriters like Otis Redding, Bruce Springsteen and of course Nirvana and the Rolling Stones booming out of the speakers.

"Song titles and cool lines of text are perfect for a great engraving"

Nina beams. 

Nina Heyd | Capulet Schmuck Design München


Nina wants above all One thing: to create something that is really "VALUABLE". Especially in a figurative sense. Pieces that bring joy until "death do us part". 

Schmuckdesigner Nina Heyd Capulet Werkstatt  München


That's why Nina founded her own label CAPULET in 2010. Inspired by the most famous love story in the world, Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet". Because at Capulet it is primarily about the heart. And love. And passion. Everything that is “real”.


„..and if that sounds cheesy, I don't care either. But for me these are the things that count and this is reflected in every single piece of jewelry from Capulet.“

says Nina with a big grin.

CAPULET Jewelry Schmuck Designer Nina Heyd Werkstatt München

CAPULET stands for eccentric solid jewelry made of silver and gold. Every piece has its own story such as the rings Venus and Adonis, which, according to Ovid, were lovers. 

And of course Nina is the same herself eccentric like their creations. You never know in which crazy outfit she is out and about in the factory. Through many collaborations with great designers such as here with the German fashion designer Irene Luft With Nina's styles it will definitely never be boring.

Nina Heyd in Irene Luft | deutsche Designerin | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

Meanwhile count Karl Lagerfeld, Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, Paloma Faith and many more self-confessed CAPULET fans. Acting icon Iris Berben and Nena have even picked up their favorite pieces in the CAPULET store themselves. 

CAPULET Schmuck an Promis | Lagerfeld nena Paloma Faith lady Gaga

The Atelier - The CAPULET Manufactory in Munich

Because of course there is also the CAPULET headquarters - the goldsmiths manufacture in Munich Schwabing with an integrated store.

Here you can view the collection in your own CAPULET boutique and of course buy it directly on site. The best: there is always elaborate individual pieces on sitethat exist only once and that cannot be found online.

Here you will find a little insight into our CAPULET manufactory. It is now open all week and, if you wish, at your own personal VIP appointment:

 „We are always very happy to get to know our customers personally and "for real". This is the best way to measure the size and work out individual wishes together. " 

Schmuckdesigner Nina Heyd Capulet

But we want to take time for everyone and make pieces perfect for the respective wearer. You can't just buy wedding rings or gifts on the side. "

Because there is always something going on at CAPULET Jewelry.

Whether the nomination for the New Faces Award, Collaborations like. e.g. with Constantin Film with their own collection for the film “The Three Musketeers” Orlando Bloom and Milla Jovovich, a constantly growing international fan base or various new collections, one thing is certain with CAPULET: Every single piece is always "made with a whole lot of LOVE”.  

NIna Heyd | Capulet Schmuck


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