We use exclusively luminous genuine turquoise for CAPULET turquoise jewelry.

That is why the OCEAN COLLECTION is a strictly limited edition.

Genuine pure turquoise

An ocean turquoise bracelet is the perfect companion and lucky charm - for every outfi .

Discover the magic of turquoise jewelry

Genuine turquoise bracelets and turquoise necklaces

Do you want to spice up your jewelry style with something special? How about real turquoise jewelry? We have an exquisite selection of high-quality turquoise bracelets and turquoise necklaces that will enchant you.

Turquoise bracelet: a timeless accessory for your wrist

Our turquoise bracelets are true masterpieces. Each piece is made by hand with great care and attention to detail.

Genuine turquoise bracelets for your individual style

In our range, you will find turquoise bracelets in various designs and styles, ranging from classic to modern. Whether you opt for a delicate bracelet with dainty turquoise stones or an opulent piece of jewelry with several turquoises - every turquoise bracelet is a timeless companion that elegantly underlines your personal style.

Discover the variety of genuine turquoise necklaces

Our turquoise necklaces are also an absolute highlight. Each turquoise necklace embodies the natural beauty and elegance of the turquoise stone. The bright turquoise colors harmonize perfectly with the noble shine of the metal. Whether you prefer a delicate necklace with dainty turquoise gemstones or an eye-catching statement necklace with nugget turquoises - you'll find what you're looking for here.

Why real turquoise?

We focus on authenticity and quality. Our turquoises are carefully selected and guaranteed to be genuine. You can be sure that you are wearing a piece of nature in your hand with our turquoise jewelry.

Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the light turquoise stone and discover the variety of our turquoise jewelry. Whether as a turquoise bracelet or turquoise necklace - find your personal piece of jewelry that will make you shine. Order today and enjoy the unique charm of genuine and sustainable turquoise jewelry!