CAPULET in the Cosmopolitan

What helps in quarantine and periods of time? When everyone is insecure and maybe a little scared too? A talisman!

During the Corona period, we were asked by the magazine COSMOPOLITAN whether we didn't have a piece of jewelery, which gives the wearer some confidence.

Yes, we have the perfect lucky charm for every day.

our COIN chains with their own engraving.

CAPULET Schmuck München - Halskette mit Gravur So that you don't forget what is really important, there are our COIN chains made of silver and gold with your own engraving. Each piece is made by hand in the Capulet goldsmiths in Munich. Because even in bad times we don't forget what Rilke said about LIFE:

Do not forget:
Life is a glory

CAPULET Schmuck Werkstatt München

And Cosmopolitan also knows that the subject of motivation and not letting it get down is an important topic, especially as a message around the neck. Especially when you are wearing a handcrafted one-of-a-kind item made from sustainable gold and silver. Then immortalize your own favorite text in your piece of jewelery:


Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München | kette mit Gravur | Cosmopolitan

And when COSMOPOLITAN calls, we have booked an entire photo studio for the perfect photos of our COIN necklaces with engraving. For a day, photographer Markus Kehl photographed our silver chains and gold chains with engraving extensively and with passion. Yes, it actually takes countless spotlights and settings for a cut-out as a press photo to perfectly capture the jewel.

Capulet Schmuck München - Shooting für Cosmopolitan Magazin

We are very pleased that we can make a little joy with our sweet lucky charm chains and pendants. And finally, a delicate bracelet with a custom engraving or a silver chain with a pendant is perfect as a talisman.

An engraving with a wink or a great quote are ultimately the best guarantees for a day in a good mood and a view of the future.

Silberarmband mit Gravur | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München