Men's jewelry - the best necklace for men

What we are asked really often:

Can MAN wear that too?

Basically, we always answer here with: "Of course. Everyone wears what they like with us. No matter whether they are men or you. The main thing is that they enjoy it."

The classification into male, female, cool, uncool, stylish or daring is a question for amateurs in every respect. Or followers. In a world of free personality development, the question of "is it allowed" has no place. A little more steadfastness with regard to one's own opinion and a little more courage to select has never hurt anyone.

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Whoever wears what he likes and - within the scope of his possibilities - occasionally expresses his honest and possibly not face-book-compatible opinion, has more from life in the long term and more from every single purchase. Because if you think carefully about the purchase before "just letting something out for a moment", you will also enjoy something in the long term and don't have to constantly buy new junk that you have already forgotten, although the shopping bag is still dangling on your wrist.

Capulet created the new LONG CREEDS to support a little more "own opinion on their own cause". Because occasionally you need a little reflection on what is really important to you. Regardless of whether it's a profound quote, a cool lyrics, a funny saying or just a name or a date, everyone decides for themselves what to say. It doesn't always have to be striking.

The new LONG CREEDS are now available for this.

An extra-long solid lucky charm amulet with rough edges and plenty of space for your own text.

Silberkette mit Gravur | Männerkette | Halskette aus Silber | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

Creed stands for conviction, and this symbolizes the handmade chain made of pure 925 sterling silver. Each letter is individually stamped into the silver and thus ensures a very special unique factor. 

The Creeds are deliberately designed to be unisex, forged by hand, massive and heavy. The amulet is designed to be extra narrow and long. On the one hand, a lot of text fits into the Creed, on the other hand, the text is not immediately readable for everyone and is initially intended for themselves.

We have collected some engravings for you under "LONG CREEDS". Maybe there is already something suitable here. 

Otherwise we would have some mental homework at this point:

What would you spontaneously have your CREED hallmarked?

Do you know from the hips what is so important to you, or what you think is so great that you want it to be immortalized forever in an extremely expensive piece of jewelry?

Not that easy at all.

It doesn't always have to be something grandly impressive and meaningful. Because we've already seen a lot. And there were always great sentences, sayings, quotes, thoughts or ideas. Everything fits. To man. To life or to the situation.

Sense or nonsense. The main thing is that you enjoy it. 

Only you!

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