Fridays for Future? - Mondays too !!

It is really wonderful how awareness for climate protection is being celebrated. If the word “chapeau” weren't such a shitty word, we would certainly quote it here.

So: great guys !!

But in addition to the UmbaUmbatäteräää the funny party demos and the fact that it is really cool to leave work on Fridays in the sunshine under honorable circumstances, you can also quietly contribute a little for the climate. Because we are all Love & Peace for a very long time and we want our wonderful planet not to get too hot

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To make one's own contribution WITHOUT getting the applause from outside is surprisingly much more effective than marching to a demo. Which is a good start, of course. Because dealing with your own responsibility has never hurt anyone, and demo preparations are good fun and ensure creativity. As here for example: during the Friday for Future preparations for the best city portal for Munich "Munich with pleasure" 

Friday for future | Klimawandel | Klimaschutz | Nachhaltigkeit | Love & peace | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

But just going to the demo is not everything.

And because you never know how and where to start with the abundance of optimization options and because, of course, no one wants to buy something new, meaningful, climate-neutral other than moving their lazy bum away from the Amazon order button:

Here are a few minor details that anyone can integrate into their everyday life without having to strain themselves a bit or spend extra money.


1.) When buying fruit, do not use plastic bags for each fruit.

If you don't have your own bag with you: All fruit goes in a bag. Put it on the belt at the checkout, let it weigh, and put it back in a bag. This works out! Even better: just have a small cloth bag in the car or in your handbag and go shopping with it. That works too !!


2.) Bio (dude! That costs maybe 1 euro more)

Surprise! Organic isn't just healthier. Promoting regional farmers is better for everyone involved. No long transport routes, no waste of energy. 


3.) Pull out the plug. 

Standby is the devil. Everyone can bend over once a day. Pull it out when you go and put it in when you need it. As in sexual intercourse. You can do it too .. :)


4.) Bicycle. or feet

Move! Nobody needs the car for a short distance. Looking for a parking space sucks anyway. And leave the disabled e-scooter behind. They are only picked up and charged with petrol. Just take a bike or walk. Put your cell phone away, take a look around and smile at people every now and then


5.) buy decent clothes! 

Fridays for future | Klimawandel | Klimaschutz | sanft | Nachhaltigkeit | Love & peace | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

It is really no longer new territory that the big chains not only pay their workers miserably, but above all that the factories do not work in an energy-efficient manner.

A few euros more and you have sustainably produced basics that do not change their size in a strange way when washed and look good in the long term. Pay attention to Made in Europe, that again saves energy on the transport routes. is the perfect supplier for shirts & hoodies .. 


And of course we will come into play at some point. The Capulet jewelry workshop in Munich exclusively produces silver jewelry and gold jewelry from high-quality and sustainable precious metals. Our chains, bracelets and rings are forged by hand from recycled silver and gold in our jewelry workshop in Munich and Berlin.

Fridays for Future | nachhaltiger Schmuck | Klimaschutz | Klimawandel | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

Don't always look for cheap cheap. Sustainable means enjoying something more in the long term.

So you dear people, ideally everyone thinks about what they can do to do their part against climate change and for more sustainability in everyday life. Just thinking to yourself "Shit, next time I'll take the train ... I'll walk ... I think of my cloth bag ... or I'll do it better ..." isn't enough. Get started right away!

The Friday for Future demo is important - but doing it yourself is the best.

And that also works on Mondays ... 

fridays for future | Nachhaltigkeit | Klimaschutz | capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München