What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

Threesome - massive braided luxury ring


massiver Silberring  | Ehering | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

for a long time you've been asking us: "What is YOUR favorite piece?"

So we actually had to give some thought to the subject of Capulet's "favorite piece of jewelry".

Because of course, we love every single piece of silver & gold that goes through our hands, not to say: comes from our hands. But of course we have our favorites.

massiver Silberring | Herrenring | Ehering | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

Our threesome ring is definitely a favorite piece of jewelry

The extremely heavy solid silver ring is one of the first three rings that were developed by CAPULET and Capulet founder Nina, has never taken it off for 8 years now

"The big thing is just my baby. And it goes so well with all the other pieces. I usually combine it with a core ring on the same finger. And in the best case scenario, I stack the index and ring fingers with full .. . "

massiver Silberring | Herrenring | Trauring | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

Here the threesome sits enthroned on the middle finger and is combined with our CORE ring. Nina wears her two QUOTE rings with her favorite engraving on her index finger and the AMOR ring with the two angels of love on her ring finger.

Every threesome ring is by the way unisex and also ideal as a men's jewelry and eye-catching men's ring. Also as an individual wedding ring and Wedding ring the threesome is a great fit for men. After all, who wants to go through life with a boring everyday ring when they can also wear eye-catching, heavy silver and gold jewelry.

Each ring is a handcrafted unique piece

No threesome is like another. Each ring is made of solid silver individually by hand Forged in the Capulet Goldschmiede in Munich. No interweaving of the pure 925 sterling silver looks like any other threesome ring. Every ring out is complete massive and heavy. Each hammer blow is individually forged into the silver. The eye-catching ring is definitely perfect for anyone who exceptional and forged silver jewelry search. 

Ring with custom engraving

If you would like to have a little highlight in your solid ring, you can even get one small engraving. Because we are happy to mark two letters or numbers of your choice on the braided end of the ring band. As always, this is of course a free service from Capulet and makes the unique character of the ring perfect.

Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

Threesome also as a gold ring

Who prefers the massive braided ring than Gold ring preferred, Capulet also gets their money's worth: because with our own electroplating we gild each piece with the highest quality gilding possible. 18 carat in yellow gold, rose gold and capulet gold. A very special shade of gold that is only available from Capulet. In terms of color, capulet gold lies between light yellow gold and rose gold.

As our girls in the workshop enthusiastically describe the Capuletgold:

"CAPULETGOLD looks like rose-colored silver. With a hint of Pirsich."

Sounds almost like something tasty to eat ..

massiver Goldring | Herrenring | Ehering | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

On request, we of course forge every threesome ring in pure gold.

585 gold or 750 gold. CAPULET only uses fair, sustainable & conflict-free gold. RJC certified. Simply send inquiries to hello@capulet.de

massiver Silberring | Herrenring | Ehering für Herren | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

 When we asked our girls in the workshop:

"What is actually your favorite piece?" and with most of them "The Threesome" came out like a shot, we wanted to know why.

"Yes, because he's just awesome. What should I explain now. He's so fat and heavy and just always feels really cool"

laughs goldsmith Luzie.

She is right. By the way, a single threesome ring is enough to transform a simple outfit into something special. Because with the right piece of jewelry you are always good and above all stylish attracted.

massiver Silberring  | Ehering | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

and if the Threesome Ring alone is not enough as a striking accessory: simply combine it.

Nothing rattles better than several massive, heavy rings from Capulet. True to the motto "MUCH HILFT MUCH" you can mix all of our rings together, switch fingers and try out completely new combinations of rings. The Threesome Ring is definitely always the best basis for all other combinations that you can think of.

massiver Silberring | Herrenring | Ehering | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

So: just trust it and try it out. Everything works and everything fits!

And a little tip: it is quite normal for a new ring to feel strange and strange at the beginning. Just give the ring two days. And you'll never leave the house without your new favorite

massiver Silberring | Herrenring | Ehering | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

and a little tip on the subject of "How do I find the right ring size?"

We have put together a size manager for you so that you can measure the correct ring size correctly.

Here is all the information to.