Sustainable jewelry & fairtrade gold

What is "the perfect piece of jewelry"?


What makes a favorite piece that you love to wear every day and pass on to generations to come? and above all: Which gold is the best?

It should be valuable. And preferably in every sense. 


Real & pure gold is a precious material on the one hand and a value for the wearer, what the piece of jewelry means, on the other.

A piece of jewelry made of gold should not be bought because it is expensive or insanely cool and hip and should not primarily see gold as a capital investment, but because the material is really valuable and special. sustainable is. 


A piece of gold jewelry as an investment?

The "best piece" (ok. sounds weird...;)) should be something very personal. Not just a trend piece. But a piece of jewelry for eternity. Preferably engraved with the text of your choice, so that you always carry what is important to you with you, with an engraving that you never want to forget. Such as in a coin chain with your own engraving


Chain with engraving | Coin Small | Gold Chain | CAPULET Jewelry Workshop Munich


Secondly, the piece of jewelry should be valuable because it is made from sustainable, fair and precious metals. Because only fair gold and silver are really fun to wear in the long term and also feel emotionally like a good and also meaningful investment.


What exactly is sustainability?

Sustainability is currently a trend, but often nobody knows what to actually pay attention to. Avoid plastic waste... keep electricity low... cycle more... Sure! But what should you pay attention to when making high-priced and lifelong investments such as a special ring, wedding rings or an expensive silver and gold chain?


Conflict-free gold & silver

If you want to afford a special piece of jewelry or you are looking for individual wedding rings make sure that the gold, white gold & rose gold and of course the sterling silver conflict-free has been produced.

After all, how often do we ask ourselves how our jewelry was actually made? Where did the materials used to make the jewelry come from? Whose hands touched and shaped the jewelry? In what environment and under what conditions was the jewelry made? Whose life did it affect and how long did it take to make? All these questions are close to Capulet's heart. 


sustainable jewelry made of gold


We are particularly concerned to be transparent about sustainability and to adhere to all ethical and environmentally conscious guidelines, and to fight to ensure that they are adhered to by as many goldsmiths and jewelers as possible. 

By asking for sustainable gold and silver, you can make a wonderful contribution to increasing and improving the fair mining of precious metals and gemstones.

CAPULET Jewelry only uses precious metals that are certified by the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council). certified are certified. Mined in a socially, ecologically and economically responsible manner, in accordance with the self-imposed "Code of Conduct" of the German Precious Metals Association.

 (you can find more details here:

Here is an example of our wedding ring collection with the CORE rings in the skinny version from 750 white gold and 750 rose gold. 


Gold rings | Gold wedding rings | Jewelry Workshop Munich

Sustainability also means transparency

The most fundamental aspect of ethical production, supply chain transparency, is one of the most difficult to achieve. This is because most metals and minerals come from the poorest regions of the world and pass through several hands on their way to market, most of them without traceability. CAPULET Jewelry only uses certified and traceable precious metals with its own certificate. Silver and gold from Capulet is the highest quality precious metal possible. 


What is ethically and sustainably produced jewelry?

The increasing global focus on sustainability in the fashion industry has also raised questions about the environmental impact and ethics of the jewelry that people wear every day. Simply put, sustainable jewelry is jewelry that has no negative impact on the people who make it or the environment in which it is made. In sustainable jewelry production, care is taken to avoid practices that pollute or negatively impact the environment.

In addition, in ethical jewelry production, care is taken to ensure that no child labor in the production chain and fair wages and working hours are ensured for all workers in jewelry production.

CAPULET Jewelry forges each piece from fair and pure 925 sterling silver and in 585 gold and white gold.

Like here for example our lucky charm necklaces "THE GREATEST". The massive chain with coin is worn by Alexander the Great as a symbol of bravery and courage

Necklace with engraving | gold chain | fair gold ] CAPULET Jewelry Workshop Munich

Each piece of Capulet jewelry is not only a unique piece made with love by our goldsmiths in Munich. Each piece is also subject to fair conditions in the manufacturing process, starting with the extraction of the metal, which remain sustainable, conflict-free and transparent at all times. 

Our favorites, the QUOTE ringsare made entirely of solid sterling silver or gold - making them the first choice in men's jewelry as well


Gold Wedding Rings | Gold Rings | CAPULET Jewelry Workshop Munich


Fair silver and gold

Valuable jewelry is made with at least one product, namely a precious metal that originates from the ground and has been mined from it. The mining of gold, one of the most commonly used materials for jewelry, has led to the displacement of indigenous people from gold-rich regions and the pollution of waterways, as chemicals such as cyanide and mercury are used in the extraction of gold from ore. Capulet therefore only uses precious metals that meet international sustainability standards to make jewelry.

Fair jewelry manufacturing also means that the source of the materials used to make a piece of jewelry is traced back to its origin to ensure that raw materials such as precious metals and gemstones have been ethically sourced. This is why Capulet only uses Fairtrade materials such as fair and pure sterling silver, 585 gold and 750 gold.

Here our Core rings with 18 carat gold plating from our in-house electroplating technology. Of course, we also forge the wedding rings from pure 750 rose gold 


Engraved rose gold & gold wedding rings


What can I do to promote sustainable gold?

We would like everyone to pay a little more attention to what they are actually buying and where the gold comes from. Just looking at "sale tags" and dumping prices doesn't get you anywhere in terms of sustainability, nor do you enjoy cheap products in the long term. Focus more on the essentials, even beyond the jewelry front;)


Engagement ring gold ring Adonis


So there are different shades of gold when it comes to sustainable gold at CAPULET Jewelry. Here we summarize a look & feel for you.


Gold colors | Gold | Rose gold | White gold | Capulet gold | CAPULET jewelry workshop Munich


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