Arm party in late summer

Jewelry and the beach cannot be combined? Of course! 

With high-quality materials such as sterling silver and gold, salty sea breezes and extensive diving trips even with jewelry are no problem.

You can find tips and tricks about jewelery care right here.

Silver jewelry looks best on vacation and at home, especially in the glorious late summer sun, when the skin is crisp and tanned. Solid silver bracelets and heavy chains made of silver and gold for a hot bikini - nobody needs clothing here. 

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We goldsmiths at CAPULET Jewelry only use pure precious metals, without coatings, lacquers or chemicals. That is why the silver chains and bracelets made of pure silver in particular become more beautiful in the sun and with wear. Our pure sterling does not wear out at all.

Because what looks so great as massive silver jewelry in combination with brown skin in a bikini. Right! Nothing!

Ok ... jewelry and maybe no bikini at all ..;)

Bikinigirl | Schmuck am Strand | Armparty | Armreif | Silberarmband | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

Model Carolina prefers to combine wild animal statement jewelry with a tight bikini. Although all Capulet silver bracelets are heavy and massive, swimming isn't a problem either. Maybe a little harder

Gold jewelry is also perfect on the beach and a sparkling highlight, especially in the evening sun. Our pieces made of pure 585 and 750 gold, capulet gold and rose gold are just as durable and suitable for the beach and sports as the sterling jewelry.

Bikinigirl | Schmuck am Strand | Armparty | Goldarmband | Silberarmband | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

Silver and gold can basically be combined very well with each other. On the beach, at summer parties and in late summer and especially at festivals, bracelets can be mixed with each other and materials can be wildly combined. It is precisely the mix of materials that makes jewelry so special.

Carolina combines BULLETS in silver and gold for her beach look, plus a wide BUSTER bracelet and the perfect beach outfit is ready. Of course, the holiday look also fits at home - and above all: jewelry sets the scene for every outfit in every season. Even if you have to put on a jacket ...

The main thing is that you style jewelry on the beach and at summer parties according to the "a lot helps a lot" principle.

Bikinigirl | Schmuck am Strand | Armparty | Beachstyle | Silberarmband | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

Even sweet little things like shell jewelry and filigree bracelets will be kept as pretty lucky charms in autumn. A kauri bracelet made of silver and gold is of course a wonderful reminder of the summer vacation as an autumn look. 

Kauri Armband | Muschelschmuck | Schmuck am Strand | Silberarmband | Nagelring | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

Of course, jewelry always works. Best on vacation and from the cooler autumns simply flashing out from under the sweater. The main thing is a lot of heavy bracelets and chains made of silver and gold mixed in different lengths and styles.

The more the better. Better to buy a new bikini more often. Because rings, bracelets and necklaces in silver and gold will stay with you every season. 

And the best thing is: jewelry fits every year - without any diet 

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Care tip for jewelry

Jewelry needs a little extra care, especially after the summer, sun, beach, chlorine and sea. For all of you who have overdone it with sunscreen and salt water and you are now wondering: how do I clean my jewelry properly?

Here is a little care advice for jewelry made of 925 sterling silver and gold and rose gold:

Always clean your silver bracelets, silver rings, chains and gold jewelry well with washing-up liquid after your vacation. Yes, simply washing up liquid - without sensitive, additives or the like.

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Rub the detergent vigorously into the jewelry and rinse well with warm water. The most important thing: rub everything completely dry with a towel.

You will see how wonderfully your jewelry will shine again afterwards