Hello autumn, you great piece

When the fashion bloggers, influencers and the whole fashion scene set off for Milan and Paris and the Oktoberfest rules the crowds in Munich, then we know: it's autumn!
Why only so many posts and stories with "Summer please come back" in social life? Amateurs! 
Autumn is definitely the most beautiful time of the year. Because in no other month is the light more fabulous, the air clearer and the sun more golden than now. 
We have put together a few pieces of autumn jewelry & moods that will definitely make you love the fantastic autumn. You can see the fashion trends that make jewelry hearts beat faster here:
massiver Ring aus Silber | Verlobungsring München | Schmuck im Herbst | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München
Herbstschmuck | Schmuckstücke im Herbst | Silberschmuck | Goldschmuck | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München
The greatest piece of jewelry for autumn is our very individual leaf ring JUNGLE. The different sized leaves of the massive statement ring underline every autumn look in the truest sense of the word dazzlingly, and set an exciting highlight, regardless of whether the autumn outfit is casual or glamorous - the JUNGLE Ring always fits! The eye-catching silver ring is perfectly combined with the BIRDIE Ring with dainty little birds made of sterling silver. By the way, both rings not only fit perfectly next to each other, but also complement each other perfectly as an XL cocktail ring on one finger.
Schmuck im Herbst | Silberring | Blätterring | Verlobungsring | CAPULET Schmuck Werkstatt München
Herbstschmuck | Schmuckstücke im Herbst | Silberring | Ehering | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München
The best thing is to mix and match shapes, structures and materials wildly in every season of the year. At Capulet, we forge each piece individually by hand in our jewelry workshop in Munich. That's why every piece is rough, uneven and imperfect. A wonderful destroyed look for the autumn season so that you don't attract attention with mundane blinking, but instead concentrate more on the essentials. A little more focus on what is "valuable" and "inside", that is the most fun in autumn. Because sustainable jewelry is in and above all makes sense. But you can also show that.
massiver Armreif aus Silber |  | Schmucktrend im Herbst | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München
The autumn trends from the fashion scene convince with more depth and sustainable materials such as overalls made of high-quality leather and biological fibers and styles. Better a sensibly invested it-piece and favorite piece than fast trends that after two weeks you don't feel like it anymore.
You put a little more focus on sustainability in the fashion scene and of course the jewelry industry with a precious lucky charm for the golden season. That's why every piece from us is now available with 18-carat gold plating in gold, capulet gold and rose gold.
Herbstschmuck | Schmuckstücke im Herbst | Ring mit Blättern | Goldschmuck | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München
Herbstschmuck | Schmuckstücke im Herbst | Silberring für Damen | Goldschmuck | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München
The fashion trend 2019 is definitely to wear your favorite bracelets over your outfit and to proudly present it. Bangles are pushed over the blouse or sweater so that everyone can see how outstanding the autumn accessories are.
massiver Armreif aus Silber |  | Schmucktrend im Herbst | Modetrend 2019| Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München
and if you prefer to rock it in autumn, you can combine cool solid sterling silver with heavy black nappa leather. A look that of course also works as men's jewelry and a solid men's bracelet. Because every silver bracelet from Capulet is dark and oxidized by hand, brushed and matt polished and hammered. The perfect jewelry for a heavy biker jacket, a pair of cool Doc Martens boots or just your favorite jeans. Because don't forget: with a wild bracelet party, eye-catching Statemznetketten and massive heavy rings every outfit looks cool at the end of the day
schweres Silberarmband | Männerarmband mit Leder | Armband aus Silber massiv | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München