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The perfect jewelry storage

Jewelry Box Jewelry Storage Capulet Case | CAPULET jewelry workshop Munich

The jewelry box that prevents jewelry from tarnishing and stays beautiful for a long time

What very few people know: if you store your jewelry correctly, you will enjoy it for a lifetime. Because in the right box, your jewelry will not tarnish or lose its shine over a long period of time.

Because we often don't notice how our favorite piece of jewelry becomes duller over time, or how the jewelry gets dark discoloration. You end up buying something new, but that doesn't have to be the case. With the right jewelry storage, silver jewelry and gold jewelry stay beautiful for a lifetime.

That's why we at CAPULET have developed a special box that meets all the requirements you need for jewelry storage.

Jewelry Box Jewelry Storage Capulet Case | CAPULET jewelry workshop Munich..

5 facts for the perfect jewelry storage


The most important thing when storing jewelry is the material of the jewelry box. Most companies use plastic for their jewelry boxes, often colored or sealed with chemicals. However, this chemistry attacks the jewelry surfaces and the jewelry quickly no longer looks beautiful. When developing the CAPULET case, it was particularly important to us to use ecologically valuable material that best ensures that the jewelry is protected against tarnishing.


If possible, jewelry should be stored without outside influence. For example, storing it in the bathroom is not advisable at all because the temperature and humidity are constantly changing. Influences such as excessive sunlight, lack of oxygen or excessive temperature fluctuations are also not good for real jewelry.


It is also important when storing jewelry that the individual pieces of jewelry do not touch each other. Different precious metals, such as gold, silver and gemstones, react differently and sensitively to one another. If the pieces of jewelry do not touch each other, it is guaranteed that no piece will “harm” the other.


Often a jewelry box looks cute, but has a disorganized interior. The compartments and division make no sense and the interior material of the box is far too hard. We have developed 12 compartments with high quality velvet padding with practical slots. The velvet inserts can be removed so that even large pieces of jewelry fit perfectly into the CASE. The soft velvet coating ensures that the jewelry does not get scratches and at the same time polishes the surface of the piece of jewelry.


When developing the perfect jewelry box, it was important to us that we could take our jewelry with us. Because what's the point of looking after your jewelry at home, and when we go on vacation we throw everything together in a jewelry bag. So we developed a box that is perfect to take with you. Light and flat, it fits a lot but still remains handy

The most important information about the CAPULET CASE

  • The case is made from fair, sustainable and ecologically degradable material. 
  • Particularly light for on the go. 
  • With practical rubber that keeps the box securely closed. 
  • with 12 compartments made of black velvet for your favorite items
  • The velvet inserts of the compartments have practical slots for safe storage.
  • The compartments are removable so that extra large pieces of jewelry fit well.
  • of course with your beloved CAPULET logo in silver on the front

Jewelry Box Jewelry Storage Capulet Case | CAPULET jewelry workshop Munich..

Price of a jewelry box

Yes, the CAPULET Case is expensive, that's because we have developed a particularly useful and sustainable jewelry box. And high-quality material has its price.

Because we are of the opinion that our customers would rather invest in a particularly favorite piece of jewelry less often than constantly invest in new jewelry just because the old piece of jewelry no longer looks good.

So remember:

Sustainability in jewelry makes sense here for two reasons:

- Your jewelry will remain in perfect condition for the long term

- You don't have to constantly buy something new and can enjoy your favorites in top condition in the long term

Jewelry Box Jewelry Storage Capulet Case | CAPULET jewelry workshop Munich..