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      The perfect little gift - under 100 EURO

      Looking for the perfect little gift? A little present for Mother's Day. Or a great special birthday present? Or a souvenir or just a little present? Filigree and delicate pieces of jewelery from Capulet in Munich are the perfect gift.

      A Capulet piece of jewelry under 100 euros is something very special anyway. Because the CAPULET jewelry workshop in Munich only forges one-off pieces - each piece of jewelry is unique from the House of Capulet in Munich.

      Great jewelry can also be cheap

      CAPULET Jewelry has lots of "dainty & delicate" jewelry in its range, which are perfect as an individual and creative gift or go great as an arm party combination with other bracelets. Delicate, sweet rings made of silver, gold and rose gold. E.g. the cute rings with hearts or small stars are a special and individual little gift. Rookies are also suitable as a gift idea: dainty little silver bracelets with heart pendants or heart chains with their own engraving. In the Capulet workshop in Munich, your own engraving is always a service and a wonderful idea for personalized gifts. A gift doesn't always have to be expensive. A little gem from Munich always fits - and sometimes you have to reward yourself. You can also do that with a small, delicate bracelet with a heart or a small, delicate ring made of gold.