Wedding rings and engagement rings from CAPULET

At Capulet we love love. And we love to make you happy with special, unique pieces of jewelry. Are you planning to propose to your true love or are you already one step further and looking for the perfect rings for your wedding? Then we have something for you.

Our engagement rings

We have a wide range of rings in the Capulet workshop in Munich. We specialize in gold and silver engagement rings with diamonds and brilliants. Every single piece of jewelry is forged and hammered by hand, the diamonds are carefully selected and set by hand. This means your ring is a unique piece that you won't want to take off from now on.

Here you can get an overview of our engagement rings.

Engagement ring with stone

Capulet wedding rings

Are you already looking for the perfect rings for your upcoming wedding? At Capulet we also make individual wedding rings made of gold and silver - each ring has your desired engraving. The hand-forged rings are eye-catching partner rings made of solid sterling silver or heavy gold rings in 585 gold or 750 gold.

There is also something here for men. Unfortunately, conventional wedding rings are often simple and boring. Which is fine - if you want to wear a simple, inconspicuous ring (possibly) forever. At Capulet Jewelry, however, we create eye-catching, solid rings that last forever and are guaranteed to meet your expectations.

Wedding ring with engraving


The best thing about our rings: They are not only incredibly beautiful and individual; our materials are sustainably and fairly produced. Capulet Jewelry only uses sustainable, fair and ecologically valuable mined gold. Each gold ring is sustainable and certified by RJC (Responsible Jewelery Council). Sustainable precious metals and fairly mined gold & silver are a quality feature for the Capulet jewelry workshop in Munich.

We do everything we can to ensure that you enjoy your valuable jewelry for a long time. A piece of jewelry from us does not break or lose value. That's why it's important to us that you don't just buy a new item in a hurry because you think it's nice. We want you to choose something that represents you and your values ​​and will make you sustainable and happy in the long term.

Do you need more information?

If you have any questions about this or need personal advice, you can contact us at any time by email at . If you happen to be in Munich, we would of course be happy to have you visit us in person at the Capulet workshop! Let's create a piece of jewelry together that will give you lasting joy and that you will enjoy wearing every day.

Get ready for your new life companion.