The strength is in the quality

Quality & sustainability from Capulet jewelry


The quality is in the details. A sentence that we all know and, above all, appreciate. Because especially in demanding times, we all don't feel like relying on poorly produced industrial goods. Nobody wants an inferior, cheap, machine-lasered engraving on their piece of jewelry. How often we see poor quality engravings and inferior material from Internet jewelry that we are supposed to "save", you cannot imagine. 

How happy our customers are with a Capulet piece is the best gift for it! And that's what counts.


Therefore, here is a small blog post on the subject of "Quality & Sustainability". Thanks to your support, the journey is finally going back to high-quality products, more humanity, more depth and more Appreciation.

"The power is in the quality"

Friedrich Nietzsche


Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München | Goldschmiede für Trauringe und Eheringe

Quality is the attribute of the hour

And quality that is long-term and makes sense. And precious! Made from selected high-quality fairtrade precious metals and, above all, sustainable and fair gold. We manufacture every piece in our Munich workshop individually by hand. What do you think, how many marketing experts tell us every week "... outsource" ... "produce in quantities ..." or "... deliver abroad". 

No. Many Thanks. But no!

We are Capulet. And every single piece of jewelry is made with our hands in ours Munich Manufactory  created. That’s a good thing. It stays that way. And that's what we love! We specialize in wedding rings made of gold and wedding rings with our own engraving. It is great fun to find the desired texts with you and to forge them in sterling silver and gold for you. Our babies are also your lucky charms, because a bracelet and a chain with your own engraving will accompany you for a lifetime.

Designer Nina Heyd | Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München | Goldschmiede Eheringe

We are not an online jewelry label that is about quick, cheap sales, but a manufacturer with special artists in the heart of Munich. We don't have machines, but wonderful people. We need time for a piece, and the result of our time & love that we put into each piece will delight you for a lifetime. And time and patience are required for special quality. To quote a great pioneer in automotive engineering

"The greatest enemy of quality is speed" 

we agree with Henry Ford.

We don't have any stress. We make art!

Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München  | Eheringe gold

Right now it is particularly important to us to make our customers happy with a loving piece of craftsmanship. Nothing is mass-produced in our goldsmith's shop. Each letter of an engraving is lovingly stamped individually piece by piece in the silver and gold according to your wishes. We only use original antique stamp. Our logo stamps and AMO motif stamps are elaborately reproduced according to the ancient art of stamps. Only the stamp takes weeks to develop.

Here is an example of how precisely our logo stamp is manufactured.

Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München | Goldschmiede für Eheringe

Each logo is individually hand forged into each piece of jewelery from CAPULET.
We manufacture in our Munich factory only single pieces according to your wishes! Regardless of whether it is a chain made of silver with a custom engraving, the COINS coin chains with custom engraving are your favorites, or heavy solid silver bracelets, each piece is forged, hammered and hallmarked exactly according to your wishes. We also forge special pieces of jewelry such as a gold chain with a pendant and your own engraving with patient devotion and are happy to have created a little lucky charm for you.

Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München | Goldschmiede für Eheringe und Verlobungsringe

Quality has its price

Of course, we understand when not everyone can afford a piece of jewelry made of expensive silver or gold. Capulet is not for a quick spontaneous purchase. A piece of jewelery from Capulet has class and quality. We especially appreciate that you take your time here, have many questions and often even save a long time for a special piece. It pays to save and wait for something valuable.

"Because quality remains when the price has long been forgotten"

Gordon Selfridge

Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

You make us proud

We are proud of our craftsmanship and our love of details, high-quality precious metal and precise workmanship! At a time when so many labels are appearing who offer jewelry with cheap laser engravings, we are pleased that you place particular emphasis on traditional craftsmanship and quality.

We have you as subtle and rich people met who take the time to come up with loving or funny quotes for their piece of jewelry. We hear from you like that so often wonderful and exciting and exciting and  funny Stories that are behind your piece of jewelry make it a special pleasure for us to forge your companions for it.

We love every piece and we are really happy with you, your Geto tell the story behind the piece and to accompany you with it.Capulet Schmuck Werkstatt München

Sustainable & fair gold and silver

It is particularly important to us to show transparency in matters of sustainability and to comply with all ethical and environmentally conscious guidelines.

Through your inquiries and your interest in sustainable gold and silver, you can contribute wonderfully to the fact that the fair mining of precious metals and gemstones grows and is improved.

CAPULET Jewelry only uses precious metals that, according to RJC (Responsible Jewelery Council) certified are. Degraded in a socially, ecologically and economically responsible manner, according to the “Code of Conduct” imposed by the Fachverband Edelmetalle e.V.

 (more details can be found here:

More information on the topic FAIR GOLD & SILVER and the answer to the question "Where does the gold come from anyway?" can also be found in our blog post on the topic "sustainable precious metal". and of course the distinction between yellow gold, capulet gold & rose gold.

nachhaltiges & faires Gold von Capulet Jewelry / Gelbgold & Rosegold