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Mix & Match

      Silver jewelry & gold jewelry from the Capulet jewelry workshop in Munich

      Gold jewelry is the must have of the season. A chain made of silver and gold is the definitive must-have that a woman must own. A gold chain with own engraving symbolizes in a valuable way the special charisma and character of the wearer. If the necklace has its own engraving, the quote in the piece of jewelery symbolizes the particular value and affection of the wearer for art and music.


      Chains, rings or bracelets with engraving are ideal gifts. With the engravable pieces of jewelry from CAPULET Jewelry you become the designer of your own gift and can turn a piece of jewelry into one very special highlight upgrade.

      Immortalize your very personal message on your piece of jewelry

      Make your partner, your friends, your parents or grandparents or just your siblings very special.

      These ideas are particularly in demand as an engraving for your piece of jewelry: 

      • an important datethat connects you and your recipient
      • of the Surname a loved one's initials
      • on Motto of life
      • a wisdom or a famous quote
      • a Song line, Lyrics or song name

      All ideas always come from the heart, so that the recipient will always carry a part of you with them in the future.



      Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, anniversaries, Christmas or Valentine's Day are particularly suitable for making loved ones happy. Since you may have to plan the gift a little in advance, it is important that you clarify in advance which color your favorite person prefers. 

      Chains and pendants in rose gold are especially loved by women, silver and gold for necklaces, bracelets and pendants are also ideally suited as men's jewelry and special pieces of jewelry for men. It is only important that your personalized piece of jewelery meets the taste of your counterpart, so that nothing should stand in the way of a great surprise.

      Engraved necklace for women

      Of course, Capulet also has the perfect one Heart chain with engraving. The silver chains with heart pendants are available in delicate and solid versions. Those who prefer gold simply choose the chain with a heart in the gold-plated version with 18-carat gold or rose gold as a gold chain. Because every woman should own a gold chain with a pendant.

      Bracelet with your own engraving

      The Capulet Capulet Goldschmiede in Munich also forges bracelets with their own engraving. Because nothing is a better eye-catcher than many bracelets made of silver and gold wildly combined with one another. On Heart bracelet with your own engraving is the classic here. If you are looking for a creative present for your girlfriend, it is best to choose one Silver bracelet with a heart and can be forged your own custom engraving. An engraved bracelet is also perfect as a gift for Mother's Day or a gift for Valentine's Day. A coin bracelet with engraving is also a great gift for women.

      Men also need gifts. A solid bracelet is a special gift for men. On Men's bracelet with engraving Everyone is happy - especially because the personalized gift is something personal.

      Wedding rings made of gold - with engraving

      Anyone looking for one special wedding ring you will quickly find what you are looking for at Capulet. White gold and gold wedding rings are Capulet's hobbyhorse. Each wedding ring is hallmarked by hand with its own engraving. Capulet pays special attention to that Sustainability of jewelry. Gold, white gold and silver are from fair and conflict-free mining. A gold ring with an engraving is the perfect bond between two people. The CAPULET jewelry workshop in Munich also forges wedding rings for men and white gold wedding rings