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      Gold chain with engraving & silver chain with engraving

      When you run out of perfect and creative gift ideas, Capulet Jewelry comes into play. Stylish silver chains with lucky charms and very special bracelets with hearts, that's what the Capulet jewelry workshop in Munich is known for. The design jewelry made of silver and gold are all unique design pieces from the traditional goldsmiths in Munich. The House of Capulet is the best address in Munich and, above all, the most beautiful shop right on Gärtnerplatz in Munich.

      A personalized piece of jewelry with your own custom engraving is the perfect gift for the wife or girlfriend, also as a special and creative gift for the man. Each silver chain and gold bracelet is made from sustainable gold and silver and is forged and hammered by hand in the CAPULET jewelry workshop in Munich. On request, we also forge rings with your own engraving. Even cheap wedding rings and wedding rings in silver are possible - of course, these with their own engraving. We have the best wedding ring for men and also a wedding ring made of white gold for men with a large range of men's jewelry and men's rings. The best men's jewelry is a solid and heavy silver bracelet with leather. Necklaces for men and bangles with engraving are Capulet's specialty. Sustainable jewelry makes the most sense when you have your favorite jewelry and wedding rings forged yourself at CAPULET jewelry in Munich and choose every detail yourself